Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blog Guelph: The Toe Stretch

BIg Stretch, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

With November on the run and crazed December waiting to smack us upside the head, it seems like the perfect time to stop for a moment to take a big breath and stretch body, mind and spirit.

Today's series resonated 'quietness' for me. With hustle and bustle right around the corner, I thought a moment of reprieve would serve us all well.

So slip off those shoes and liberate the tension in your toes fair friends. Bend, extend, curl and twirl to your little piggies pleasure. It is the simple delights that bring the most bliss.

Sue Richards

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Merci - thanks - ta ta for helping us be a weiner!!

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Unknown said...

I love this picture. I often refer to it when our kitty does "the Guelph toe stretch"

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