Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Guelph: One (Every Story Has A Beginning)

Hi there, everyone. It's Wednesday, and part two of our interviews. Last week we gave 5 questions to Dave about his 366 project. This week it's all about Mike and his 365 days of self portraits.

1. The 365 project is such a huge commitment. What made you want to take on this project?

It’s something I’d thought about doing for a long time, but for whatever reason, never felt compelled to start. Then one night I was testing out a flash modifier, and thought “hey, I could start a 365 project with this shot.” And so it began, almost on impulse.

I can think of a couple of reasons why it’s a good project for me. I struggle with chronic anxiety, so it helps keep my racing mind focused on something constructive rather than obsessing about the things that don’t matter. As well, I hope to improve my confidence, and my sense of self.

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