Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Guelph: Boo Hoo

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Welcome to Winter's Wonderland.

I holed up at Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory yesterday afternoon, enjoying my tropical moment - albeit a form of denial - as snow blanketed the world outside. In fact, I took out a membership for the year thinking that the rainforest-like environment would serve as a winter buster for my mostly summery soul.

Other ways to heat your heart are plentiful around town this weekend starting with tonight's acoustic Kramdens show at The Cornerstone Cafe followed by their plugged in version at the Albion on Friday night. Craig and lads will be burning up the joint with their latest album release show. You can get in the R and R mood right now by listening to The Kramden's Hillside Festival concert - compliments of CBC.

For daytime fun, head up the hill to the University of Guelph's Fair November - now in it's 34th year of crafty excellence - today through Sunday.

For now - HO HO HO and Boo to You!

Sue Richards

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