Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Guelph: 55 of 366

55 of 366, originally uploaded by Pah Print.

3. My problem, besides being shy, is the commitment. Every day you have to take a photo. Are there days you just want to give up, and how do you stay motivated? (I noticed there is a mini challenge spreadsheet in the 365 group on flickr.)

The shy thing is definitely something people have to deal with. Believe it or not, I have a shy side. I am a Libra so I end up being a split personality on almost everything. It just turned out that the exhibitionist won in this instance. When I am in exhibitionist mode I have no pride, as you may have noticed. *smile* Doing this sort of project is very therapeutic for those amongst us who would rather blend than stand out, believe me.

The commitment is simpler for me than for many other folks. I can set aside a small chunk of time each day and do this work. I actually look forward to it on most days. I understand why a lot of people cannot do this.
Someone like Mike who comes home from work and does one every night gets props from me just for that, never mind how clean, green, and mean, most of his ideas are.

I have several instances (people whose 365s I was watching) where individuals have just stopped--got a third or halfway through the project and life took over. Shit happens.

I had not even seen the spreadsheet until now. What I find cool is how many of those ideas I've knocked off (many out of desperation).

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