Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Guelph: Made in Guelph: Three in a row

Three in a row, originally uploaded by Dom Cruz.

I'm late, I'm late!
So sorry Blog Guelphophiles...I'm late today.
Call it the heady grip of the sun, call it a brush with insanity, call it a case of the behinds.
Nevertheless, welcome to Tuesday's

Made in Guelph!

Today we are featuring the candid photography of Dom Cruz.

He likes ..."street photography and capturing real moments on the fly".
I like this point of view.
I particularly love the familiarity of some of his subjects; most of his shots are taken on Downtown Guelph streets.
A place near and dear to my heart.

Have a voyeuristic gander at these 9 yourself, then clickety click on each and every pic.

-Downtown Lynn-

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