Monday, September 01, 2008

Blog Guelph: September Eyes Are Watching

black eyed bokeh, originally uploaded by D J England.

Greetings on this Labour Day Monday and welcome back to another season of Blog Guelph - a multi-photographer photo blog that features slices of our beautiful and according to Maclean's Magazine, the most caring city in Canada - Guelph, Ontario.

My lovely co-blogstress - Downtown Lynn - will resume her Tuesday/Thursday posting duties and together we'll be dishing up a daily foto feast for your eyes plus tidbits of local news as we see fit.

In short - it's Blog Guelph biz as usual.

Pretty please - click the photos, links and ads - leave your comment, share our url with your on-line world and post your Guelph photos to the Blog Guelph Flickr group if you want to be featured.

Sue Richards

PS: Only one pic today friends - Black Eyed Susan's by DJ England. Take the time to smell the flowers.

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