Friday, August 01, 2008

Blog Guelph: Hillside Festival - Thank You!!!

First Ladies of Hillside, originally uploaded by claygrl.

We've come to the end of yet another full cycle of Blog Guelph. Once again summer vacation beckons - oh how it beckons - and Miss Lynn and I are unplugging for the rest of August. Hopefully the over one hundred 25th Annual Hillside Festival pics we've posted this week, plus the 2,800 photos in our archive will amuse you until we return next month.

Before sailing off, I - yup that's me sitting between Dy and Jess - would like to thank everyone - for pretty much everything this past year. The community, both on and off line has made it possible for me to keep up spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally as I create and navigate my path of recovery from Parkinson's Disease. Your generosity, kindness and love floats my boat.

I'd particularly like to thank all the folk that helped me 'do Hillside' in my first wheelchair experience. Big appreciation to our lovely Lynn for bravely introducing the idea and to Karen from Hillside Access Services for talking me through my reaction.

My first and main chair 'pusher' and 'fetcher' Jess has been formally sainted.

I'm one lucky duck to have landed in Guelph 27 years ago, blessed to have helped pioneer this crazy hill-free Festival and grateful for the rich experience that is my life. I love you all!

Please - scroll your face off boys and girls - the remarkable Hillside Festival lives on - on Blog Guelph.

Sue Richards

Click Everything! See you in September.


Anonymous said...

I love this photo and this blog! A thanks right back at you two!

Downtown Lynn said...

I love siouxsie-Q too.
you've taught me much my dear...and you look so beautiful in this picture. I'll keep you posted via shot along my odyssey.
loveDTL x 3

Van said...

Sue, this is the first I read about your illness. All my best thoughts and hopes go with you, along with thanks for this wonderful blog. Have a great holiday, both of you!


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