Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog Guelph: The Smell of Summer

Smell the flowers, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.
"The Friday Ryder"

Ryder dog has a nose for summer, which at long last arrives in Guelph at 6:59pm today by my rudimentary calculations. As a result, there are a pile of parties happening around town both tonight and deeper into the weekend. If you're free and unfettered and looking for action, snoop around Facebook for party crashing details.

BTW - Blog Guelph will be adopting summer habits for the next few months - which is to say we're scaling back to 4 days per week - Monday to Thursday.

Now then, click the pic to see the progress of Ryder's vanity project, celebrate the new season's dawning and appreciate something simple. It's summer in Guelph!

Sue Richards

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