Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blog Guelph: Heavenly Sky

june 009, originally uploaded by missgillian.

Greetings Guelphites and fellow cyber-surfers from afar. Today I'm dishing up a batch of simple pics to ease your busy Wednesday minds into a state of lazy daze of summer.

If you've ever spent time watching a field of tall grass dance with a gentle breeze or lying on your back cloud gazing, you'll know how delightfully soul filling such simplicity can be.

And so it is my pleasure to offer up 8 pics for you to meditate on as you plug your way through the weeks apex - plus one fun capture for a chuckle.

There is news too. For instance, The Guelph Photography Club is meeting tonight - Wednesday, June 25th at 8:00 pm at The Albion Hotel. Do feel free to attend.

And we have two new blogs on the roll: Green Home Hints and Lauren - Everything and Anything. Of course you'll remember to tune into Royal City Rag tonight at 6pm on CFRU 93.3fm. And I'll bet your chomping at the bit to find out how Gareth Lind's last panel of Weltschmerz is going to end. That finale my friends will be yours tomorrow.

Lastly - my pal Rebecca is offering $50.00 off a home cleaning by her company Green Sweeps Canada . Check out her ad on the top right. Believe me when I say they do a bang up job and leave your home smelling fresh as summer.

Enjoy everything you can and then some. Click the pics.......

Sue Richards

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