Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blog Guelph: Guelph Peeps

Downtown Guelph, originally uploaded by John Q6.

So then.

Today's dozen Flickr fotos expand on yesterday's Downtown Guelph theme with the addition of one key ingredient - people. Yes besides all the pretty stone and mortar, Guelph currently boasts a population of 127,872 and is considered the 5th fastest growing city in Ontario. Not that I think fast is good - I'm just saying what I know.

For other fascinating facts about the folks in our cute and creative village, check out the Guelph's Wikipedia listing. Or cruise through our blog roll to really get to know who makes this town tic.

Please click every link and image you can during your visit to BG and you'll learn more than you ever imaged about Guelph.

That's Gwelf folks. Doesn't rhyme with anything.

Sue Richards

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