Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Guelph: Between 150 and 300 new ones

Between 150 and 300 new ones, originally uploaded by rdaw.

Welcome to Thursday's
Made in Guelph

Todays feature photographer is rdaw, otherwise know as....well, I'm not absolutely sure.

Rob I believe.

The little we do know about Rob are these things (according to his profile):

"...wife, son, dog, cat. kids, fish - just getting back into photography
after a long time away...."

And aren't we all grateful for that!

What I personally dig about rdaw's photos is his broad range of vision.
So diverse, so personal.
His wry sense of humour too.

Take a gander at these 10 pics and see if you can't glean a thing or two about the man.

As our friend Griz noted about him,

"You have the knack of seeing what everyone sees and turning it into art."

Too true Grizzles, too true.

-Downtown Lynn-

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