Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog Guelph: One from Dad

one from Dad, originally uploaded by dje-graphs.
Welcome to Thursday's
Made in Guelph

Today we bring you the photography of dje-graphs, also known as Doug England.
This photo, however, was taken by his father some years ago.
Here is what Doug had to say about this shot:

"Yes my father was an amateur enthusiast photographer. He taught me in the beginning. I grew up in his darkroom at his feet. I still have his 4x5 Crown Graphic, 4x5 DeJur Enlarger, Brownie Box camera and other items. He shot a few weddings back in the day (well for you that would be way way back in the day) I added this photo to my profile section since it is the image that started it all for me."

There you have it.
An inspired two fistfuls of photos from Doug himself follows.
Sit back and enjoy the ride....

-Downtown Lynn-

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