Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blog Guelph: The Faceoff

The Faceoff #2, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Good Tuesday all,

So many things to Blog Guelph about really...Aries is coming, International Goof Off Day too and of course, vernal equinox.
Yes, that would be spring folks.
But just because the calendar claims, it doesn't make it so - just yet.
The beautiful thing about cold and snow as we inch closer to spring, is that it can't last.
So let's laugh in the face of those big flakes that dropped on our heads this morning, shake our fists at the frigid winds that, try as they might, cannot blow us down. Let us remain resolute in our positivity, in our knowledge that this, too, shall pass.
And hey, since winter is indeed still on the ground, let's celebrate the fact that 116 years ago TODAY, Lord Stanley donated a Silvery Cup and hockey was never, ever the same again.

There are none more surprised than myself that today's Blog Guelph six-pack of pics are in honour of Hockey.

So get out there and shoot some stick (is that even a hockey term?) while you still can.

-Downtown Lynn-

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