Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blog Guelph: Calling all angels

arkell trail, guelph, originally uploaded by elledee.

calling all angels for no particular reason other than the assumption that you lot out there in Blogosphere could use one - or maybe even two.
Let's face it, we can all use an angel on our side, sitting pretty on our shoulder every now and then. Even if it is just to beckon the spring thaw, know what I mean?

Sorry to be such a drag, but the endless deep freeze is getting me down. Scattered and still sleepy is just no way to be towards the end of March.

But fear not dearhearts, you will see a difference coming at you REAL soon.
For today though, here is a handful of randomness to reflect the mood and perhaps to meditate upon (and click through too!)

-Downtown Lynn-

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