Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog Guelph: White Out Winter

Braving the Elements, originally uploaded by firda.

Welcome to Winter Wonderland Wednesday.

Today's series of eight is a result of me nearing the end of my snow tolerance rope. Yes cabin fever is setting in folks and things might get a tad ugly.

To thwart such an outcome, I'm digging deep for anything that will help get me through the remaining days of 'the season that comes and stays'. Allow me to share some ideas that were inspired by our talented crew of Guelph Flickrites and the on-line world of Cyberville.

First off - there are a fine slew of smart, beautiful, interesting, funny and creative Guelph blogs listed in the Blog Roll in the right hand column. I regularly pop in on GrandFOGGER, and the very whimsical aislinn thomas, Guelph CEO Jim Estill, the Guelph Mercury gals that do city hall and the boys from the newsroom.

Every Thursday I read Gareth Lind's latest comic strip (his ad appears in the top left column) then cruise over to see what's shaking in Ward Two - a very prolific and informative effort by both elected ward reps.

With over 40 blogs that range from soup to nuts, me thinks/hopes you'll find a couple to suit your fancy.

And now, back to the weather.

Today's lead photo by Firda may inspire driving dread BUT to really grasp what it's like to share poor conditions with the 'not so wise' you really must check out funny man TJ O'Malley's post titled: Crazy winter driving video.

Best viewed with a bottle of booze. Your choice.

Sue Richards

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