Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well call me a big baby, or even dull for that matter, because all I have for you is another weather report with accompanying visual materials.

Is it mild and wet or cold and windy as hell? Depends on the hour you ask this weather girl...seems we're in for another round of Mother Nature's schizophrenic ferocity today.

As we used to say on the farm, "weather's comin', weather's comin..."
(Truth be told, I never grew up on a farm, and weather, in some shape or form, is always a comin')

So beginning with Photocbear, witness the beauty of the sky as it appears right now on this , the last day of January - all sunny and lovely - then peruse 4 more pics to see what's in store...and what to do when it's all over with.

Hang tough,

-Downtown Lynn-

P.S. OH, and big congratulations to our dear Sue Richards for hosting this spectacular bit of Blog-liness more than 2000 times! Gimme an S - U - E! Yay Sue!

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