Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well call me a big baby, or even dull for that matter, because all I have for you is another weather report with accompanying visual materials.

Is it mild and wet or cold and windy as hell? Depends on the hour you ask this weather girl...seems we're in for another round of Mother Nature's schizophrenic ferocity today.

As we used to say on the farm, "weather's comin', weather's comin..."
(Truth be told, I never grew up on a farm, and weather, in some shape or form, is always a comin')

So beginning with Photocbear, witness the beauty of the sky as it appears right now on this , the last day of January - all sunny and lovely - then peruse 4 more pics to see what's in store...and what to do when it's all over with.

Hang tough,

-Downtown Lynn-

P.S. OH, and big congratulations to our dear Sue Richards for hosting this spectacular bit of Blog-liness more than 2000 times! Gimme an S - U - E! Yay Sue!

Blog Guelph: Guelph Lake Blues

Guelph Lake Blues, originally uploaded by Alan Norsworthy.

Something wicked this way comes...

Blog Guelph: Frost with blue glow

Frost with blue glow, originally uploaded by Memotions.

Blog Guelph: brrrrr...berricicle

berricicle, originally uploaded by lio2006.Liz.

Beauty frozen in time.
Aren't we all...

Blog Guelph: Sunday Shinny on the Speed

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Guelph: Post Number 2,000

GuelphGothic, originally uploaded by guelphguy.

Drum roll please.

This post - the one you're staring at right now - is Blog Guelph's 2,000 since our inception! (Sue and Downtown Lynn swagger and wipe sweat from brow.)

But due even more applause - cause posting is easy when dealing with the talent of Guelph photographers - are the image takers that capture our lovely city in so many cool ways. So ta da to each of you. I hope that Blog Guelph is serving you well.

Only four pics to click today dearest viewers. But don't let that stop you from wading into our deep archives - located in the right hand side bar.

Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Wind Warning

IMG_6310, originally uploaded by vaneramos.

Here's the skinny on today's outrageous weather.

Even though it's only minus 11 C, it feels like minus 22 C.

Why is that you might wonder?

Well....Guelph is sporting a 43km/h south westerly with gusts of up to 59km/h.

Hang onto your hats boys and girls. We really do have a wind warning in effect.

Blog Guelph: The Buddha Report

SnowBuddha, originally uploaded by claygrl.

It's still winter.

Click this link to see how Buddha looked last winter.

Blog Guelph: Hug Your World Today

Hug Your World Today, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog Guelph: My New Camera

My New Camera, originally uploaded by Monkey Hunter.

Well, not MY new camera per se but Monkey Hunter got his hands on one of these Old Skool contraptions sure to create art that will put the rest of us to shame.
Psssst.....It uses real film!

Our High Priestess Sue Richards gave a nod to the spectacular visual intellect of The Guelph Photography Club yesterday and I'd like to follow up with 8 more shots from just a handful of these geographically close artistes.

Here's lookin' at you kids!

-Downtown Lynn-

Blog Guelph: Ushering out the new

Ushering out the new, originally uploaded by ~Stingrays~.

Blog Guelph: Deeper Down Below

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Blog Guelph: The Stone Churches Of Guelph

The Stone Churches Of Guelph, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Coming Home

Coming Home, originally uploaded by G. Norsworthy.

Blog Guelph: Leaf Ice

leaf ice, originally uploaded by dje-graphs.

Blog Guelph: Choke Cherries and Snow

Choke Cherries and Snow, originally uploaded by Monkey Hunter.

Blog Guelph: Painterly

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Guelph: Attitude

Party Animal, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Monday Monday can't trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday mornin' you gave me no warnin' of what was to be
Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me


Seven random pics to click today folks and not much else. The last Monday of 01 has sucked me dry....

Sue Richards

Lyrics by: Mamas and the Papas

Blog Guelph: Snow Caterpillar

Snow Caterpillar, originally uploaded by ARebbs.

Attention Guelph Photo Buffs.....

The Guelph Photography Club is dedicated to helping beginners and intermediate photographers improve their skills through regular get-togethers, general discussion and field trips.

*NEXT MEETING: Thursday, January 31st, 2008
The Albion Hotel, at 8:00 pm.
Come on out!!

Blog Guelph: Where Boys Come From

Boys, originally uploaded by photocbear.

Blog Guelph: The Day it Rained Hearts

The Day it Rained Hearts, originally uploaded by Monkey Hunter.

Blog Guelph: Isolation

Isolation, originally uploaded by G. Norsworthy.

Riverside Park

Blog Guelph: Something to Crow About

Crow Flight Pattern, originally uploaded by corbeau_du_nord.

Blog Guelph: Ice Daggers

Ice Daggers At Night, originally uploaded by ~Stingrays~.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog Guelph: sitting pretty

, originally uploaded by Denim.

Friday's Gem of the Day

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Guelph: Downward Racing Dog

Snow Dog, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Today is dedicated to dogs. Fun loving, happy to be here, take what comes, spirit lifting dogs.

Besides that - the sun is shining on our town. It rose at 7:43 am and will sink out of sight at 5:18 pm giving us a whopping 9 hours and 35 minutes of golden shine goodness. Soak it up while you can dear Guelphites. The long range forecast is not so sunny.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Downtown Lynn and I are very pleased you keep visiting the 'Blog about Guelph'.

Sue Richards

Please note:
1. Downtown Lynn is off on official Guelph business today. She'll be back.
2. Every photo is linked to the photographer's Flickr photostream. Why not click the pics and see what happens.
3. Blog Guelph is pleased to accept your paid advertising. Email artjam at artjam dot org for rates and reader stats.

Blog Guelph: Copper

copper, originally uploaded by Denim.

Blog Guelph: Sheba

sheba smile, originally uploaded by vw-busman.

Founding member of Barking Dog Studios - the generous server of Blog Guelph.

Blog Guelph: Bella

Paw, originally uploaded by fix.inpost.

Blog Guelph: Downtown Dog

This Way!, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Brewster

The nose knows, originally uploaded by woodygraphs.

Blog Guelph: Ryder

Dog Attack (part 2), originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blog Guelph: Turn Right For Yellow


Yesterday Downtown Lynn reported on Blue Monday - apparently the most depressing day of the year. Sadly dear readers, the grimness doesn't end there. I've since learned that this entire week has been painted with the same bleak brush.

Well screw that I say.

Today we're going to turn this hum and bug ship away from the blues and into a sea of yellow fun, sun, flowers, song and love love love.

Fasten your seat belts and let mellow yellow take you for a spin down the yellow brick road in a big yellow taxi.

Sue Richards

Click any photo for fun.

Blog Guelph: A Day for Sunflowers

A Day for Sunflowers, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

I think they've got seasonal affective disorder (SAD) all wrong. Me thinks it should be Seasonal Affective Defence - otherwise known as 'hibernation' in the natural world.

It's dark and cold outside. Who wouldn't want to stay in and sleep.

Blog Guelph: Flock of Flamingos

flock of flamingos, originally uploaded by vw-busman.

I take Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin - every day.

It's cheap.

And it works.

Blog Guelph: Spread the Love

Spread the Love, originally uploaded by JohnnyBallgame.

As blue is to heartbreak - yellow is to heartwarming.

Love people.

Blog Guelph: A Funny Yoke

Egg On My Face, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

Blog Guelph: In a Sea Of Yellow

In a Sea Of Yellow, originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography.

Shut your eyes and try to hear the bees.

Blog Guelph: We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

Ducky Race

Finally - it has been proven that singing does indeed lift the spirits to much greater heights. Dr. Sue recommends a daily dose of music therapy - perhaps starting with a rousing round of this Beatles classic.

Photo by Johnny Ballgame - click away matey!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Guelph: We made it through "Blue Monday"

foggy tree, originally uploaded by jharrisonstudio.

'Blue Monday' the most depressing day of the year

But that was yesterday.

Here's the lowdown:

With the TSX plunging more than 500 points on Monday morning, more than a few Canadians might give credence to a British psychologist's pseudo-scientific formula that indicates Jan. 21 will be the most depressing day of 2008.

So let's wave a tearful goodbye to the day that depresses us most with a collection of bluish photos taken by our own talented Guelphites.



Blog Guelph: The long road to summer

Cold January Day, originally uploaded by corbeau_du_nord.

"Health Canada estimates two to three per cent of Canadians suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and another 15 per cent of Canadians suffer from a milder version simply known as the winter blues.

These seasonal conditions can affect moods, sleep patterns, appetites, energy levels and concentration."

What's that you say?

Blog Guelph: Move it or lose it

Jumping squirrel, originally uploaded by Memotions.

"Cliff Arnall began calculating the happiest and gloomiest days of the year back in 2005 while working as a professor at Cardiff University in Wales.

At the behest of the British travel industry, Arnall devised a "Blue Monday" formula that calculates factors such as weather, debt, time passed since Christmas, failed New Year's resolutions, low motivation and the need to take action."

Blog Guelph: A mere shadow of our former selves

"blowin' in the wind", originally uploaded by lio2006.

"Some might find the formula 1/8W+(D-d)3/8xTQMxNA itself too depressing even to contemplate — anyone suffering from the winter blues or just a bad case of the Mondays can take comfort in the fact that they aren't alone."

Monday, January 21, 2008

Blog Guelph: The Art of Art

Family, originally uploaded by Monkey Hunter.

Greetings and salutations on this bone chilling Monday. Please dress - warmly.

Only four posts today my friends - but each comes with some local news that may spur you into action.

FĂȘte Romantique - the annual fundraising initiative of the Guelph Arts Council boasts a scrumptious GRAND PRIZE - an elegant, chef prepared dinner, served to you and five friends, at one of Guelph's stunning heritage homes. A limited number of tickets are now on sale.

To get yours, click on over to this site or give the Arts Council a call - 519 836-3280. Draw date is January 31.

Sue Richards

PSSST: Click the photo to see more photos...

Blog Guelph: Lucky Blue Released

Lucky Blue CD release, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Saturday's two pew packed shows saw the successful release of Tannis Slimmon's much anticipated second album - Lucky Blue.

A musically inspired religious experience was had all.

If you missed your chance to attend - it was sad to turn people away at the door but we were stuffed in - you can still buy the album. For the Guelph turfed - try Ground Floor Music on Quebec Street. Others from distant lands, please click here and follow the links.

Blog Guelph: Calling All Musicians

No, you end it, originally uploaded by claygrl.

From a news release.....

Downtown Guelph is seeking submissions from musicians and entertainers interested in performing in St. George’s Square for our 2008 Noon Hour Concert Series which take place every Friday from mid-June to mid-September.

Downtown Guelph will pay $250 for each act chosen by committee.

For more information or to apply, please submit a demo CD or promotional package to:

Lynn Broughton, Promotions Coordinator
T: 519-836-6144
[email protected]

Blog Guelph: Rest Houses of Guelph

Rest House, originally uploaded by lill-miss.

And finally - my friend Kathleen introduced me to The Bathroom Diaries - a listing of public bathrooms and their amenities from around the world.

Strangely Guelph is not listed.

Hell and much more shocking - neither is Canada.

Perhaps dear Blog Guelph viewers would like to remedy this situation by 'adding a bathroom' or two or ten.

This has been a public service announcement for the 'bladder challenged'.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blog Guelph: Love Lane

Guelph hippies take the street, originally uploaded by J. Saper.

"Gem of the Day"

The streets of Guelph are paved with love....and motor oil.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Wacky Wednesday - er- sorry, Triumphant Thursday.

To kick start things today, I've been given permission by the Empress of Blog herself (Siouxsie Q) to post a Not-Guelph item.
This little video made me chuckle and has set me off in an even giddier mood than I had originally begun the day with.
So, despite the fact that this is a dreary January day, I bestow outright silliness on you all.
As our fab five Flickr posts suggest, have a larf today - play with your friends, play hooky, wag your tail, commune with nature why don't ya?

Go on.

-Downtown Lynn-

Blog Guelph: James

James01, originally uploaded by dje-graphs.

Blog Guelph: Bracing For The Check

Bracing For The Check, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: FunFun

action, originally uploaded by vw-busman.

Blog Guelph: Wag the Dog

Doggy Bum, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

For more great Guelph photos, try these links:

Downtown Guelph, University of Guelph, The Guelph Hillside Festival or The Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

On the other hand, you may be curious about what the City of Guelph looked like last October or maybe Spring.

Indeed you may be the type that would love to wade through our deep and refreshing archives. There are over 5,000 terrific Guelph photos, taken by a growing tribe of fantastic photographers, currently available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Blog Guelph archives located 'back up there' and appropriately titled: Blog Guelph Archives.