Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blog Guelph: Zeus and 3 Apollos

Zeus and 3 Apollos, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Enough with the sad and pitiful blogs of late...we are dragging ourselves down people!
No more Maudlin Mondays, Dank and Dour more shall we weep on Wednesday.

With this, somewhat bold and admittedly forced, meteoric rise of spirit, I offer you six, seven, maybe even eight photos of power and all that it implies.
Enduring spirits, hopefulness, strength, will, good health and lightness.....phew!
It's going to be a better day.
I promise.

To start us off today I extend to you the strength of Peter Kelly's 'Zeus and 3 Apollos'.

You might just need to give me the day as I slowly stagger these robust offerings....

-Downtown Lynn-

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