Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blog Guelph: November Syndrome

Photo Credit: Blairware~ For more images by this photographer, please click the pic and visit their Flickr account. Photo taken in Guelph, Ontario Canada.
Not unlike many folk I know, I'm suffering from November Syndrome. And so too is today's six blog posting.

Besides being the 'moody swing month' between sunny October and Xmonth, November seems to suck the colour out of everything. Fog, sleet, wind, rain, snow, frost and thunder make the rounds - sometimes within a twenty-four hour period. Too early in the calendar year to fully hibernate - we are left to remember war and dead loved ones.


But then - just as I head to the fridge to drown my sorrows in sugar, the sun breaks out, temperature rises and a hint of August caresses my face.

Thankfully 30 days has November.

Sue Richards

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