Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Guelph: Word Crazy

Asylum, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

No, we haven't gone completely bonkers today, but we do confess to loving words as well as pictures. Pictures and words, that's Blog Guelph in a nutshell.
Our incredibly talented photographer, Peter Kelly, has nicely captured an historically crazy word.
Asylum - late Middle English via Latin from Greek 'asulon' - refuge, from 'asulos' - inviolable.

Each and every day I receive an email shedding light on the origin and usage of a single word.
Whether or not this improves my word power is debatable but it is fascinating in an oh so nerdly way.
Take a look for yourself, A.Word.A.Day.

and while you're at it, click on these Guelph specific pics....just see where they can take you.

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