Monday, September 17, 2007

Blog Guelph: Don't Have A Cow

woodlawn cow, originally uploaded by cool-baby.

One of the beautiful things about technology that continues to amaze me is just how fragile it can be.

Take Blog Guelph for instance. Sure Downtown Lynn and I dutifully blog a plethora of digital images five days a week for your viewing pleasure. And gratefully, you in turn flock to our url to see said photos.

It all happens so smoothly that we begin to believe that just like the rising and setting of the sun, Blog Guelph will always be waiting for our pleasure.

And then - something happens with the - technology - and wham bam sorry man, click and refresh all you want - you ain't gonna get anywhere cause anywhere has been swallowed!

Used to be that I would 'have a cow' when cyber shit hit my fan. Now - well, I go outside and look for the sun.

Please enjoy today's series brought to you by a talented team of Guelph photographers. Click the pics.

Sue Richards

A special thanks to Barking Dog Studios for sifting through the cyber poop and restoring Blog Guelph.

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