Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blog Guelph: Hillside Festival - Hillside Pole Dancer

Hillside, originally uploaded by knittycricket.

So then.

It's Thursday before a long weekend and hot like stink. I've posted about 100 pics of Hillside Festival - both pre and post the blessed event - and welcomed at least 500 visitors a day to Blog Guelph over the last 10 days. And now my canoe beckons - I must unplug from cyberspace and sink myself in the lake of reality.

Before I go, I've a few more photos to toss your way. All you need to do is scroll on down the page.

Blog Guelph will be idle for the rest of this month but back with Downtown Lynn, me and other guest bloggers as the calendar page turns.

Have fun, be safe and don't get pregnant - unless you want to.

Sue Richards

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