Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blog Guelph: The Secret of Guelph

Today I offer several secrets over seven posts.

I have not read or watched the much talked about 'The Secret' so I dare not tread where I am not familiar. But, I do feel qualified to share some other secrets that I've gleaned with the passing of time and my quarter century in G-town - one being that Guelph cartoonist Gareth Lind is one very funny, smart and talented guy.

This should not be a secret - given Gareth's very long career in the 'toon' biz. While 'the best kept secret' has a romantic tone to it, his talent needs a broader audience. I hope that you dear Blog Guelph readers will work your bloggy love vibe and make his site viral.

He posts a fresh, biting strip every Thursday on at this link.

Sue Richards

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