Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blog Guelph: The Pagani Style

Photo Credit: Cool Baby ~ For more images by this photographer, please click the pic and visit their Flickr account.

Today I'm pleased to offer a series of 6 posts that feature the work of two Guelph architects ~ Dario Pagani (1903-1986) and his son Richard Pagani (b 1930). This series was inspired by photographer Cool Baby.

Dario Pagani was born in Milan Italy and moved to Guelph in the 1930's. His first home located at 49 Metcalfe Street was built in 1936 by Dario for his family and has been deemed the first "modern" house in Guelph.

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cinnamon gurl said...

Thanks for this series. I've often admired this house.

tjo' said...

I have rode by this and some of the other places shown here on my bike. I had no idea they were designed by 1 family.

I haven't just admired this house, i've COVETTED it. And that's a sin.

Anonymous said...

I covet the roof on College avenue school.

Anonymous said...

Pagani Sr. also designed and contructed two homes further up the street. Have you photographed them yet? There is a wonderful post-WWII yellow brick two-storey on the west side of the street (forget the number--sorry) that has extremely distinctive glasswork in the entranceway, as well as large corner picture windows on the front corners. The house is beyond the next cross street north on Metcalfe. The windows in the front of the house would have taken advantage of recent advances in the science of glass (thanks to WWII), given that the house was built in 1946, according to its current owner. There is also a mostly reddish-brown brick house almost kitty-corner to that yellow home, on the south side of Metcalfe.

Dario's son sure did designs with flair, but I like these older modernist designs just as much (besides, I've heard that there were, and remain, structural problems with many of Richard's structures).


Anonymous said...

Being a relative, I've been in the other house on Metcalfe many times. (Always loved that house)
All the structures either Dario or Richard built were high quality as well as architecturally interesting. I've never heard of any structural problems even after many years. They had too much pride for that. There were many other buildings: Police stations, Churches, Memorial Gardens, Fire Departments, factories etc built by them. Almost all still standing without issue. There would have been more if it weren't for frustration with City officials constantly using out of Town companies. Eventually Richard had enough and moved away.

Unknown said...

we live in a house designed by Richard Pagani. Vaulted fir ceilings in the living room seem to be signatory. Every room is connected to the other rooms. This home is 98 Callander Drive and was commissioned by Russell Cox of Cox Construction. Built in 1963 on 1.5 lots. Kitchen was updated in the 70s and has stood the test of time. Cantilevered custom chairs still to this day are timeless.

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