Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Guelph: Yesss?! - Greater Guelph Speaker's Corner

Yesss?!, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

In April, the Greater Guelph Speaker’s Corner sessions will be launched.

Sounds YouTubeish - so I inquired - how can John and Jane Guelph take part in the Greater Guelph Speaker’s Corner?

Phil Andrews: "The speaker's corner is actually just a really approachable journalist named Phil with a video camera. No, it's not me. We'll have him at the Ideafest, at various community events leading up to it and at the Mercury, on a few designated days. We'll advertise when and where he'll be."

"The videos will be shown on the Mercury website. Rogers Cable is also being approached about airing them and the Ideafest."

Click the pic for more of this photo artists work.

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