Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Guelph: Greater Guelph

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Seems like everyone with a pom pom is trying out for the G-Town cheer leading squad these days.

The City has launched a quest for citizen feedback regarding the shape of our future and University of Guelph Prez been getting ink for sending his two cents worth of ideas to Mayor Karen Farbridge..

Now our daily news machine is getting on the Guelph's Great band wagon.

Yesterday I e-terviewed the charming Mr. Phil Andrews, Managing Editor of the Guelph Mercury about 'Greater Guelph' - an idea incubation scheme he and his staff are preparing to unfurl in Guelph over the next few months.

Here's that interview spread over today's series of six photos and posts.

And welcome 'new to Blog Guelph photographer' Funrevival with this contemplative composition of The Church of Our Lady and Mary.

Sue Richards

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