Friday, March 30, 2007

Blog Guelph: Blog Guelph Action

Blight, originally uploaded by gdnarch.

Today's series of six photos offers a little bit of this and a bunch of that.

First the this.

This is exciting Blog Guelph News. We have our first Guelph focused ad now live in the left hand column.

Dig In Downtown Guelph is back and it's better than ever. Just slip your cursor over to the cheerful pink banner ad and give a click. You'll get all the details, including which of Guelph's great restaurants are participating.

The Dig In starts next week and lasts for the entire month of April!!

Then there is this too.Authorblog: Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards has Blog Guelph listed in lucky 13th position.

Sue Richards

Photo Credit: Gdnarch

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Blog Guelph: The Armoury

The Armoury, originally uploaded by Sandra Regina.

Allow me to shamelessly off some more Blog Guelph 'shout it out from the top of the turret' chest pounding, demi-news.

My alter ego issued a press release yesterday.

Sue Richards

Photo Credit: Sandra Regina

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Blog Guelph: Guelph is Skin Deep

Hey, originally uploaded by JohnnyBallgame.

This is a reminder about the Guelph is Skin Deep launch tonight.

Location: Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan Street.

The evening begins at 7:00pm and will feature speakers and musicians, as well as the opportunity to see the Guelph is Skin Deep Photography Show.

Author and CBC's Dead Dog Cafe creator Thomas King will be speaking, which is reason enough to attend.

And the extra bonus.....everyone in attendance will take home a
copy of one of the art pieces.


Sue Richards

Grafitti King of Guelph, Johnny Ballgame provided the pic.

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Blog Guelph: The Thawed Speed River

, originally uploaded by Denim.

To see the Speed Rivers life over the last several months, as documented by the plethora of Flickr Guelph Pool Photographers, please click on this link.

Denim took this shot from the River Run side of the Speed facing towards Arthur Street. Hard to believe I skated on this same stretch about six weeks ago.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Guelph Tracks

Guelph Tracks, originally uploaded by compscigrad.

Randy Sutherland has put together a very lovely blog of photos and maps for over a dozen Guelph Trails. Should you want to 'get on track' with an exercise program after a winter of 'going off the rails', go to his site and get inspired - then moving.

Thanks to Compcigrad for offering this inspirational photo.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: The Diplomat Hotel

diplomat Hotel, originally uploaded by Alan Norsworthy.

As you can see by Alan Norsworthy's photo, the "Dip", formerly known as The Great Western Hotel, has seen some better days.

Here's a wee bit of Guelph 'drink trade' history from the Guelph Historical Society.

“Guelph had more taverns than any other town of its size in Upper Canada. Indeed there were enough hotels and drinking establishments on Macdonnell Street that it was known as “whiskey street”. In 1869, Guelph had a population of 5,700 residents and 20 hotels (19 with liquor licenses) and two saloons, or one hotel for every 285 people. "

On that note, enjoy your weekend.

Sue Richards

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Guelph: Guelph's First Spring Flowers

In today's series of 8 photos, we touch on a number of spring related news items that did not make any of the major daily news papers that service Guelph - which is a good thing really. Blog Guelph likes to be the reporter of the unreported, perhaps softer G-town news.

For instance - the first spring flowers are poking out here and there.

Makes me smile everytime I see a cluster.

Please click on any of today's pics to see more of the photo artists work on Flickr.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Red Brick Cafe

old guelph new life, originally uploaded by digitalambitions.

This is a very early invitation. The Red Brick Cafe on Douglas Street will be hosting a month long photography show featuring 21 images of Downtown Guelph taken by the Guelph Flickr Pool of photographers.

Circle May on your calendar.

More details will pour forth as the time nears. Consider this the early bird heads up.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Chew Chew

Chew Chew, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

And now for a news update on Life with Ryder in Guelph.

It would appear that Ryder is still working through the 'chew everything belonging to my master because I LOVE him' stage of life. A previous example of blind devotion can be seen here.

Likely more photos to come - do stay tuned.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Portrait of an Artist - Before

This man is Greg Denton. Likely you have seen him on a stage with his band Dry Tickle. Or maybe you participated in or attended his visual art show, Anyone Lived. You may have heard his voice on CFRU.FM 93.3, bought a book from him at Macondo or vicariously dined with him in one of Guelph's restaurants.

As part of today's news, Greg offers us his very personal sign of spring. Please proceed to the next blog post .....

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Portrait of an Artist - After

Mr. Denton with his spring face.

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Blog Guelph: Spring Bud

Spring Bud, originally uploaded by RavenGirlStudios.

More soft news and even more evidence of spring in Guelph......

Remember to Click the Pic.

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Blog Guelph: Give a Hand to CFRU.FM

, originally uploaded by Denim.

Just like all the more natural signs of spring, I think you'll agree that CFRU.FM's Raise Your Voice fundraising drive is a sure sign that winter is behind up.

The University of Guelph campus community radio station would like you to lend a hand and help them meet their $20,000.00 target. Although the actual campaign doesn't start until April 5th, you can go here and get tuned up about CFRU 93.3 right now.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Downtown Guelph Dawn

The actual dawn of spring is enjoyed by Guelph's famous family statue.

Do these people ever rest?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blog Guelph: Under the Watchful Eyes of a Frog friend

Today's series of six images is dedicated to the first day of spring in the fine city of Guelph as captured by photo artist Edeva. Click on any of her photograph's to see her full Flickr photostream.

Edeva is also one of the bloggers featured in our Guelph Blog Roll. Her posts are thoughtful and artistically moving - go here to see for yourself.

Our downtown frog lives on the ledge of the fountain of the family statue. Even though Frog never leaves the post - she seems more visible during fine weather.

Frog doubles as a drinking fountain and training ground for Prince seeking women. Although I have not availed myself to either of her services, I'm told she is both refreshing and reliable.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: One Week Ago....A Look at Guelph

a look at guelph..., originally uploaded by edeva_art.

If you stood on the Wellington Street Bridge looking up the Speed River toward the River Run Center and the Heffernan Foot Bridge last Wednesday, there was just as much evidence of old man winter as the lovely Miss Spring.

Oh what a difference a week makes.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Lovely Miss Spring

lovely, originally uploaded by edeva_art.

The statue in the window of And Venus Smiled on Douglas Street could easily 'be' spring, should spring scrap the job of 'season'.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: The Bridge to Spring

guarding, originally uploaded by edeva_art.

Edeva has an eye for simple lines and clean composition - perfect for capturing the delicate blue spring sky embracing the Heffernan Foot Bridge.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: V

the "v" formation, originally uploaded by edeva_art.

Guelph birds have undertaken rigorous spring training including break of dawn choir rehearsal, extensive home building and of course the fancy V is for Very Remarkable Flight Pattern exercise program.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Steeple Peeper

steeple, originally uploaded by edeva_art.

Over the last year, I've posted over 900 photos on Blog Guelph. Because of this extraordinary experience, I see Guelph very differently than I have before. Edeva's example of St. George's Church steeple tucked behind the Heffernan Foot Bridge illustrates my new perspective perfectly.

The details of our city are wondrous to behold.

Sue Richards

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blog Guelph: Foggy Soggy Park

Foggy Soggy Park, originally uploaded by RavenGirlStudios.

Today's series of photos is all about water.

Used to be April showers bring May flowers.

Now - March rain just don't drain.

I made that up.

Terrific shot by Raven Girl. Please click the pic.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Foggy Exhibition Park

Foggy exhibition, originally uploaded by Dave Noyle.

As I walked home through the thick night air last night, I wondered if any Guelph Flickr photographer's would be out and about.

Sure enough, Dave Noyle was milling about in Exhibition Park. Click his pic for more images.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Thunderstorm at the University of Guelph

Looking out of the U of Goo Library to the south, Corbeau du Nord gives us this view of yesterday's thunderstorm. The University Center is barely visible through the downpour.

It was like Guelph got power washed.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: The SPEED River

The SPEED 1531, originally uploaded by blairware.

Blairware illustrates the unusual speediness of the Speed River these days.

Please be mindful of these more dangerous conditions of our waterways - especially if you see kids unaccompanied by adults.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Guelph is Skin Deep

, originally uploaded by the very talented Denim Click her photograph.

Here's a heads up about a fun project that I had the pleasure of participating in....

Guelph is Skin Deep is a community-based project seeking to invoke positive inspiration and a sense of unity amongst the citizens of Guelph. The project is coordinated by a group of undergraduate
students from the University of Guelph under the guidance of Professor Ajay Heble - also top dog of Guelph's Jazz Festival.

The Guelph is Skin Deep idea is to visually present 'enlightening' messages across the city by way of postcard exhibition and distribution.

With the understanding that my answer would be inscribed somewhere on my body, then photographed, I answered this question: Who is a Guelph citizen?

The students hoped for 40 participants. The final exhibition of images is at the Guelph Youth Music Center, 75 Cardigan Street on Friday, March 30th at 7:30pm..

I'm not telling you my one word, three letter answer. I suspect you'll know when my effort glides by on the side of a bus.

Sue Richards

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Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Posts

Posts, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

I find the wooden fence rather useless at keeping water contained.

But they do look lovely trying.

Click the pic....more Giant Vermin photos await you.

Sue Richards

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Blog Guelph: New City Administration Center

retro insides, originally uploaded by vw-busman.

Today's series of five photos is mostly for the birds.

For those of you that are familiar with the old and almost gone Memorial Gardens on Carden Street, this image by VW Busman will be familiar.

The City of Guelph is building a new administration center in its place. And they (city staff and politicians) want feedback regarding the intended use of the public space in front of the new building.

To do this, please drop into the River Run Center at 35 Woolwich Street on Tuesday, March 27 sometime between 4 to 8 p.m..

To learn more about the idea, please click on this link for the Guelph Civic League.

Or for a more negative approach, do nothing so that you can complain and blame later.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Gulls

gulls 1282, originally uploaded by blairware.

Guelph has a prolific group of grafitti artists and several photographers that record the sometimes fleeting work. To see the Blog Guelph collection of Guelph grafitti , please click on this link.

Click on the pic to see Blairware's photo stream.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Bird off a Wire

Bird off a Wire, originally uploaded by fix.inpost.

Bird jumps rope as part of Spring training.

Click the pic for more images by fix.inpost.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: I'm not talking to you

I'm not talking to you, originally uploaded by Dave Noyle.

Photographer Dave Noyle seems to have found a pigeon with a chip on its shoulder.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Guelph Geese

The Guelph goose trio photo op - take three.

Click this link to see more Blog Guelph images by Corbeau du Nord.

Sue Richards

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Blog Guelph: Have a Real Cow

Pure evil., originally uploaded by Sandra Regina.

Today I'm pleased to feature a six post series of odd shots.

Yesterday I inadvertently misidentified a kissing horse as a kissing cow. As both a farm girl and a University of Guelph Alumni (sure I was an Artsy but still) I'm hoping that this photo, also by Sandra Regina, will set the record straight. I do know the difference.

This is a cow – a glaring, evil looking cow.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Headless Prayer

Headless Prayer, originally uploaded by the very funnyTheGiantVermin. Click the pic.

May we 'keep our heads' in these stressful times.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Roof-ed Car

roof-ed car, originally uploaded by timylee.

Guelph student Timylee caught sight of this 'prank' at the University of Guelph's MacKinnon building yesterday.

Timylee writes, "ERTW'07, I wonder what it stands for"?

"Either to raise awareness for Equal Rights Towards Women, or most likely, a prank by the engineers, in which case, it would stand for Engineers Rule The World. "

Click his pic to see the other shot.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Bottled Water Project

Water and Drain, originally uploaded by PetricPix.

And finally, the activity.

I'm on a E-List for the Environmental Working Group. Given the City of Guelph's current concern about our drinking water, I thought this EWG 'bottled water' project might interest you.

"You might think bottle water, with its fancy 'purification' processes and distant exotic origins, would be better regulated than tap water. Think again. Bottled water producers face standards less stringent than those regulating tap water--so why pay so much? EWG is ready to take a closer look at what contaminants may be in your bottled water but first we need your help. Please go to this link and follow the easy instructions."

Photo by PetricPix

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Seeking Asylum

seeking asylum, originally uploaded by the very keen eyedvw-busman. Click the pic.

Guelph's head shop serves a broader demographic than you might think.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Who is odb?

she says, who's odb rip?, originally uploaded by Denim.

Click the pic and leave a comment for Denim if you know who odb is.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blog Guelph: Graced By Spring

graced 1270, originally uploaded by blairware.

First, allow me to point out that today is International Goof-Off Day. I assure you I will be doing my civic duty as soon as these posts are live.

The seven post series for today is dedicated to signs of spring in Guelph.

Blairware illustrates evidence of sunshine.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Spring Cold

Cold, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

The spring cold sucks and blows.

Click the pic if you dare.

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Blog Guelph: Dirty Snow Piles

, originally uploaded by Denim.

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Blog Guelph: Boot Freedom

sonia lounges, originally uploaded by Accordion Chick.

Click the pic.....

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Blog Guelph: The Kissing Guelph Cow Horse

Peoplesicle, originally uploaded by Sandra Regina.

A sure sign of spring ........Mr. Ed gets fresh.

Click the pic to see more of Sandra's work.

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Blog Guelph: Promise

, originally uploaded by Denim.

One or perhaps the only Guelph Community Garden offers promise to the green thumbed Guelphite.

Photo credit: Denim

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Blog Guelph: Dig THIS people

Dig THIS people, originally uploaded by downtown_lynn.

It's safe to leave our homes.....hybernation is over.

Click the pic for Dig In Downtown Guelph details.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Guelph: Greater Guelph

IMGP2604, originally uploaded by funrevival2.

Seems like everyone with a pom pom is trying out for the G-Town cheer leading squad these days.

The City has launched a quest for citizen feedback regarding the shape of our future and University of Guelph Prez been getting ink for sending his two cents worth of ideas to Mayor Karen Farbridge..

Now our daily news machine is getting on the Guelph's Great band wagon.

Yesterday I e-terviewed the charming Mr. Phil Andrews, Managing Editor of the Guelph Mercury about 'Greater Guelph' - an idea incubation scheme he and his staff are preparing to unfurl in Guelph over the next few months.

Here's that interview spread over today's series of six photos and posts.

And welcome 'new to Blog Guelph photographer' Funrevival with this contemplative composition of The Church of Our Lady and Mary.

Sue Richards

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Blog Guelph: Greater Guelph - The Idea

canada tour small 16-3-07-7024, originally uploaded by edhombre.

The first thing I wanted to know was why the Mercury is initiating the Greater Guelph project?

Phil Andrews: "The Mercury has a rep as something other than a catalyst for bringing people from this community together. This is an attempt to address that and to give local residents – a great swath of them – a chance to bluesky about Guelph in a way that just might capture the imagination of the group."

Click the pic for more of this photo artists work.

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Blog Guelph: Greater Guelph: Ideafest

cutting the cord 1284, originally uploaded by blairware.

From the press release I received I learned that Greater Guelph will take myriad forms. For instance, the newspaper will stage the Greater Guelph Ideafest – an open community brainstorming session and panel discussion event for generating notions for enhancing the Royal City. This event is set for May 5.

I asked Phil to give me some sexy, fun, smart reasons for attending the Greater Guelph Ideafest.

Phil Andrews: "You'll leave it going: "Hmmm, I'm happy I went to that. I want to see what happens next." That's if you just come and passively take in the comments, the kids' art work exhibit on their vision for Guelph's future and the tie I'll be wearing. If you dive in, it will be an even better experience."

Click the pic for more of this photo artists work.

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Blog Guelph: Greater Guelph: The Essay Contest

Barn Field, originally uploaded by gdnarch.

The release further explained that the publication part of the Greater Guelph project will emerge in June with essays offered by locals and answering the question what does your optimal Guelph look like, live like, sound like and so on in the future? These can range from 300 to 700 words.

Perhaps this is 'just' me, but I find the word essay sounds a tad – scholastic. Is that what you want Phil?

Phil Andrews: "'Essay,' conjures intimidating writing. Fear not. We're after ideas. Give us lists, 100-word manifestos, point-form notes. All forms of offerings will be considered. We're even allowing folks to leave a voicemailed idea or several at our Greater Guelph Ideas Hotline at 519-823-6077."

Click the pic for more of this photo artists work.

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Blog Guelph: Yesss?! - Greater Guelph Speaker's Corner

Yesss?!, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

In April, the Greater Guelph Speaker’s Corner sessions will be launched.

Sounds YouTubeish - so I inquired - how can John and Jane Guelph take part in the Greater Guelph Speaker’s Corner?

Phil Andrews: "The speaker's corner is actually just a really approachable journalist named Phil with a video camera. No, it's not me. We'll have him at the Ideafest, at various community events leading up to it and at the Mercury, on a few designated days. We'll advertise when and where he'll be."

"The videos will be shown on the Mercury website. Rogers Cable is also being approached about airing them and the Ideafest."

Click the pic for more of this photo artists work.

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Blog Guelph: Greater Guelph: Implementation

building on wyndham st., originally uploaded by Accordion Chick.

So Phil, this is not the first time Guelphites have been asked for their opinion. I’ve personally sat in on several – idea tanks – none of which saw the light of day. Once all these idea seeds are gathered, what is the Mercury prepared to do in the implementation department?

Phil Andrews: "We'll catalogue the ideas in a few ways and share those collations with the community in a variety of forms. The ideas we're most struck by will form the basis of future works of why-not here journalism."

"No idea will be considered too big or too small. No contributor will be considered too old or too young."

Thanks Phil.

Sue Richards

Click the pic for more of this photo artists work.

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For more great Guelph photos, try these links:

Downtown Guelph, University of Guelph, The Guelph Hillside Festival or The Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

On the other hand, you may be curious about what the City of Guelph looked like last October or maybe Spring.

Indeed you may be the type that would love to wade through our deep and refreshing archives. There are over 5,000 terrific Guelph photos, taken by a growing tribe of fantastic photographers, currently available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Blog Guelph archives located 'back up there' and appropriately titled: Blog Guelph Archives.