Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blog Guelph: Blog Guelph Subscriptions

Winter Rose, originally uploaded by JohnnyBallgame.

You may have noticed that I have added a - Now Accepting Blog Guelph Volunteer Monthly Subscriptions, Any Amount Welcome, Click The Button To Donate - thingy at the top of the left hand side bar.

Here's my theory.

If you like visiting Blog Guelph on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and would like to help me offset my costs of running the joint, then perhaps you'd be willing to subscribe. I'm posting about 100 photos a month, plus dishing up some pertinent Guelph info and promoting a slew of our creative types - particularly our image makers and bloggers.

I am a self designated cheerleader of all things Guelph.

I'm thinking a modest $2.00 a month would be fair. Of course this idea is voluntary and a bit of an experiment and you will still be able to stop by without contributing.

The Donate Button leads to the secure PayPal site and my Art Jam account. I'll mention this a couple times a month for the next while and see how it goes. Your feedback will be most welcome.

Johnny Ballgame offers us this bright graffiti rose to colour the day. Click his pic or label for more.

Sue Richards

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