Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blog Guelph: City Silhouette

City Silhouette II, originally uploaded by cinnamon gurl.

Each morning I surf on over to the Flickr website to see the selection of images that Guelphites have captured in the last twenty-four hours. Currently we have 80 people registered to the Guelph group. The number seems to increase daily.

Many of the photographers are prolific. Others place only a few photos up on the public forum at a time. And of course there's a variety of approaches between these two extremes.

Today's series of photos are all taken by one photographer between November 21 and November 27. Cinnamon Gurl has a distinct eye for line and colour not to mention strange wording on city signs. She's also a regular blogger at Write About Here.

I hope you enjoy Guelph through Cinnamon Gurls eyes. Click her pics to see her full photo stream.

Sue Richards

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good picture

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks!


*races home to get out of housecoat, slippers and curlers, pick up the dirty laundry off the floor and set out fresh flowers*

Anonymous said...

Oh -- and there's now 81 members. I discovered the Guelph pool and joined last night. ;)

Sue Richards said...


You were out in your housecoat, slippers and curlers? Now there's a picture.

Yes the Guelph pool is filling up. Glad you joined!


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