Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blog Guelph: Happy Kanata Day

happy kanata day
Originally uploaded by chrisiwanowski.
July 1 was Canada Day. To mark our 139th year of Canadian-ness, the mild mannered, polite Canucks like to gather in a large crowds, after dark and blow stuff up. Stuff like fireworks, not buildings.

We also like to wave little maple leaf flags too. And drink beer.

Chris is showing off the LifePoster Automator feature with this pic of the explosions that were enjoyed by young and old in Riverside Park on Saturday night. The audio track, if there was one, would likely sound like this. Oooooooh, Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Check out the_busman_chronicals blog on the right for more work by Chris. Or click on the pic for his photo stream.

Sue Richards

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