Monday, May 22, 2006

Blog Guelph: Sleeman Brewery

Originally uploaded by jamie3529gq.
In honour of May Two Four, I bring you the clear choice, Guelph Sleeman Ale.....maybe Lager. The clear bottles with no label made the brew stand out when it hit the market place in the late 80's.

Sleeman is brewed in our town although recent media reports suggest that the brewery is struggling. Booze making is a tricky business.

This is the final day of our first summer long weekend. Ironically, frost is expected tonight. No doubt, the cold weather meant less beer was sucked back thus contributing to Sleeman's financial situation.

Sue Richards

Another Flickr on the pic to see this photographers full photo stream.

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jamie said...

My what a lovely picture.

Shame about your weather. Gosh it was in the mid-70's and sunny all dang day here in Iowa.

Of course I had to work. It'll be pissing rain next Monday for sure....


Peter Williamson said...

Cheers!! Sue!
The photo on your site is Honey Lager ;~)

I've created a flickr group
" Sleeman~ The Passion of the Beer"
More photos here of the beer and those who enjoy and celebrate with it.[email protected]/

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