Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blog Guelph: Trails

Originally uploaded by vaneramos.
You want trails we’ve got trails. Guelph, perhaps the trail capital of Ontario got lucky somewhere along it's historic past. Both of our rivers are lined with walking and cycling trails.... often on both sides. Old internal city rail lines have been ripped up and get my drift.

In short we could be the flagship for Trails R Us.

This trail runs along the slow Speed River. Photo by vaneramos posted on Flickr. Click the pic for more.

Sue Richards

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blog Guelph: Contemporary Dance Festival

Moving right along into Guelph festival season, we have the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival starting up June 1.

I'm thinking this might be number 8 for the foot loose fest, now moved to the more civilied weather month of June instead of it's previous date in April. Dance events take place around the city including weekend performances in the downtown gem of a green space, Exhibition Park.

Photo by: Austin Young, courtesy of Holy Body Tattoo.

Sue Richards

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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Potters Market II

The Potters Market II
Originally uploaded by Sue Richards.
By appearance, the second annual Potters Market was a wild success with clay baking weather, stunning displays plus plenty of folks with wallets and an appetite to buy.

I did not purchase anything this year, but do own a show-stopping piece from this artist, purchased at last year's first annual. Guelph based Melissa Farquhar, owner of Quintessential Clay has an eye for colour choice and a design sensibility that can only be described as 'fine'.

Despite the family crowd, potty talk flowed between clay smiths and crowd making for a fun and funny time.

Sue Richards

Click the pic to continue your adventure.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blog Guelph: The Potters' Market

The Potters' Market Guelph/05
Originally uploaded by claygrl.
Potter-heads unite!

The second annual Potters' Market is this weekend, May 27 and 28; 10am to 5pm, rain or shine at Goldie Mill, 75 Cardigan Street, Guelph.

And what a stunning event it will be if last years fest was the template to be followed.

The 'blindfolded' potter competition was thrilling. Who could 'throw' the most mugs race won the hearts of all who attended. The sheer number of displays will make your visa card take on a life of its own.

It is certainly worth the drive.

Pic by claygrl aka potfest organizer and talented claysmith, Ms. Bunny Safari. From Flickr…… as usual. Click the pic for more inspirational shots.

Sue Richards

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog Guelph: Donkey Sanctuary

Originally uploaded by spaceamoeba.
Guelph is home to the Donkey Sanctuary. Personally I have not visited the retirement home for these beasts of burden but just about everyone I know has.

Upon first learning about the joint I guffawed....finding the idea at least odd if not very strange. But as I age, my understanding of 'sanctuary' for the 'worn out and old' is taking on a new meaning.

Photographer spacemoeba has more interesting ass angles on his Flickr account. Click the pic to see.

Sue Richards

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blog Guelph: Gareth Lind

Street Scene
Originally uploaded by Sue Richards.
Gareth Lind wears many hats.

As the graphic designer for Hillside Festival, a series of NASCAR books and the Breast of Canada calendar, you'd think that Mr. Lind's creative genius would be fully satisfied.

You'd be wrong.

Gareth is also the master mind behind Weltschmerz, a weekly political bent comic strip that appears in Echo, Eye and his blog, (which is conveniently located on the right sidebar under 'Smart and Funny.)

Stunning hat designed by Anwen Sutherland. Photo by little ole me. Posted on Flickr.

Sue Richards

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Blog Guelph: Sleeman Brewery

Originally uploaded by jamie3529gq.
In honour of May Two Four, I bring you the clear choice, Guelph Sleeman Ale.....maybe Lager. The clear bottles with no label made the brew stand out when it hit the market place in the late 80's.

Sleeman is brewed in our town although recent media reports suggest that the brewery is struggling. Booze making is a tricky business.

This is the final day of our first summer long weekend. Ironically, frost is expected tonight. No doubt, the cold weather meant less beer was sucked back thus contributing to Sleeman's financial situation.

Sue Richards

Another Flickr on the pic to see this photographers full photo stream.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Blog Guelph: Downtown

Originally uploaded by cool-baby.
The Apollo Restaurant has operated in the same spot for the 25 year's since I've been in town. For reasons that defy logic, the upper part of the building has been boarded up for as long.

To the left of the diner sits Dino's Athletics. Dino wears a beanie with a propeller on top, runs the store with his dog Lurch and operates a summer camp called Sneakers n' Sandwiches. He’s a loyal supporter of all things athletic.

Yes, 'character' would be an appropriate tag.

Sue Richards

Cool-baby photo from beloved Flickr.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blog Guelph: Albion Hotel

Albion Hotel
Originally uploaded by ericjgiberson.
The Albion Hotel is commonly known as the 'centre of the universe'. Well past 100 years young, this fine drinking establishment offers one of the earliest-to-open out door patios plus a second floor dance/live music venue that rocks socks.

In earlier times, noteworthy acts like Blue Rodeo and Ani Difranco filled the joint. Local bands routinely cut their teeth. Excellent DJ's spin funky tunes and many a fine birthday celebrations are had.

Directly across the street from the Church of Our Lady, the Alb is a destination unto its self.

Praise be.

Thanks to Flickr and Ericjgiberson for the pic.

Sue Richards

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blog Guelph: Garbageasauras

Originally uploaded by ericjgiberson.
Every June for the past 25 years, Guelphites join together to take part in the Speed River Cleanup.

Hundreds of people drag thousands of pounds of crap from the river which is then hauled to the dump.

In 1999, some clever welder type created this monster from part of the haul. Despite concerns over public liability and other such worries, Garbagesaurus now lives on the bank of the river in Royal City Park.

Thanks to Flickr guy ericgiberson for his shot. Click on the pic for more.

Sue Richards

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Blog Guelph: Lilac Season

I'm not sure if Guelph has more lilac trees than most cities but right now, they appear to be everywhere.

My neighbour Randy Sutherland from grand'FOGGER blog listed on the right hand side is responsible for this beauty. It is true that these lilacs are not from Guelph. But they could be. Other delightful spring images on Randy's photo blog do depict our spring rather nicely.

Sue Richards

Photo Credit: Randy Sutherland

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Blog Guelph: Church of Our Lady

church and hydrant
Originally uploaded by Denim.
This is the backside of the Church of Our Lady. The bylaw details elude me but I do know that building height in our downtown core cannot block the view of the church.

The church sits on Catholic Hill. With luck and some visionary thinking, the Loretto Convent situated beside the church, will be restored as the new Guelph Civic Museum.

The hydrant suggests optimism. Or delusion.

Sue Richards

Another Flickr photo...but you knew that. Nice pic Denim.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog Guelph: Graffiti

Originally uploaded by Kenjirosan.
A few year's ago, I was asked to judge a graffiti contest that was hosted by the Guelph Police.

I kid you not.

This effort can be found on the wall of a massive apartment complex, beside the Speed River.

Sue Richards

Thanks to Kenjirosan for posting on Flickr.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blog Guelph: Bunny Safari

Freshly Fired Vases
Originally uploaded by claygrl.
Oh the talent!

Guelph is stuffed to the gills with artists of every description.

Take Bunny Safari for instance. Clay is this gals main squeeze. She has a funky home studio set up and hauls her wares to the Guelph Farmer's Market every Saturday morning.

Her Flickr photos offer a peak into her creative space. Click on the pic for a tour.

Sue Richards

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Blog Guelph: Guelph Civic League

Chris from Barking Dog Studios featured this evidence of Guelph's activism streak by way of tee-shirt. The Guelph Civic League is trying to raise awareness and voter turnout for our next municipal election coming up in November.

More of Chris's handiwork on Flickr. Just click the pic.

Sue Richards

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog Guelph: Riverside Park

Originally uploaded by stingrayz08.
Once again we see the not so Mighty Speed River clipping along through Riverside Park located in the north end of town. Hillside Festival got it's start in this park. (see yesterday's pic)

Ribfest...a celebration of the swine, draws thousands of carnivors to the park every August.

Sue Richards

PS: Thanks to Stingrayz and Flickr. Again.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blog Guelph: Hillside Festival

Originally uploaded by shanflan.
The Cheap and Cheerful Early Bird tickets for the 2006 Hillside Festival are sold out. Running on the last weekend of July, at Guelph Lake Island, the dare I say, 23rd edition of Guelph's popular community event brings back fond memories.

I was their first employee.

Sue Richards

PS: Another great Flickr photo...see more of Shanflan's work by clicking on the pic.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Blog Guelph: Cycle City

Originally uploaded by nicoles118.
Although the photograper titled this photo 'Rust', cyclists are a plenty in Guelph. Trails are long and accessible and some...okay a few of our main roads have bike lanes.

Click on the photo for more examples of Nicoles work.

Sue Richards

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