Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog Guelph: Skating On Guelph Lake

Photo Credit: Sue Richards

You know when you get put on hold after answering a dozen phone prompts, and you end up listening to some pop music from the 80's that is suppose to help you pass the time until a real person shows up?

Well, hopefully, this won't be like that.

Rather, while we get the site ready and I muster up some steam to start banging the Guelph blogging bush, I'll post some Guelph photos so that should you stop by for a visit, you'll have something Guelphish to appreciate.

This photo was taken Sunday March 5th at Guelph Lake. Several of us arranged a day of wild, rogue skating and picnicking. This is the second under the table photo in a series of two.

Sue Richards

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